Barbra Heller at her Granville Island Studio, photographed by Melanie Boyle, Craft Contacts December 1995, Crafts Association of British Columbia (

Welcome to the wonderful world of Digital Craft Archive and Omeka S!

Omeka S is the software this website is built on; it is designed for describing, cataloguing, and exhibiting resources (documents, artwork, people, artifacts. etc.) and is used by universities, archives, community groups and more all over the world.

The Craft Council of BC has developed Digital Craft Archive as a platform for CCBC's membership to use as they please; whether that be digitizing a pre-existing archive, building a catalogue of craft, or even designing digital exhibitions. This is part of the Craft Councils mission to increase knowledge of craft in British Columbia and beyond, and is an exciting opportunity for CCBC members.

Why should you be interested in being a part of Digital Craft Archive?

  • Omeka provides an easy-to-use platform for organizing and cataloguing your holdings, and provides a valuable back-up for digital files that you dont want to lose.
  • You can choose to keep your holdings to yourself, or publish them for the world to see on an accessible website when they are ready.
  • Building a digital archive for your practice or that of your organization furthers your legitimacy by demonstrating your history.
  • Building a website is a great opportunity to learn new tech skills!

This website is designed to guide you through how Omeka works and what it can be used for. Read through the introduction to Omeka pages to learn about the platform, and then explore the sample collections, items, and digital exhibits to see it all in action.