banner image: Atilla Richard Lukacs

New Leaf Editions is a printing studio on Granville Island owned by Master Printer Peter Braune, and has produced work for some of Canada’s most highly acclaimed contemporary artists. Prints of work by artists such as Rebecca Belmore, Bill Reid, and Robert Bateman (to name a few) have accumulated at the studio for over three decades, amassing to a vast collection spanning a variety of subjects, styles, and artists.

our mandate

New Leaf Editions Digital Archive exists as a digital copy and collection of an artist’s prints, aiding in locating the physical copies of the prints, and combining an artist’s collection into one location. The New Leaf Editions Digital Archive aims to acquire the existing prints found in the physical archives of New Leaf Editions, as well as new prints as they are added to the collection. The archives serve the artists and the public, allowing both to be able to view the prints, and become familiar with an entire collection of an artist’s work.

This website is a work in progress and is constantly growing.