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David Lloyd spent two years in Japan, and that influence can be seen in his pottery. He has exhibited in Canada, USA, Korea and Cuba. He is known for wood-fired work, marbled white and coloured stoneware, and clean tight trimming. He makes beautiful quiet pots but is not given to self-promotion. He sold and exhibited at the Gallery of BC Ceramics. In 2004 he helped the Fraser Valley Potters Guild organize the Proyecto Arte Dee Fuego's Cuban Canadian Ceramic Art Collective Symposium, held at Kwantlen.
David was a beloved instructor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University from 1990 till 2014. At the end of his teaching career there, he and his students held an exhibition at the Gallery of BC Ceramics in 2013 of wood-fired work ' Bowls and Beyond' from the Ombu Kiln at the Shadbolt.
After teaching for 24 years he retired from Kwantlen to raise a child.
David taught with the belief that you have to be ready to try everything in the diverse field of ceramics.
David’s practice could also be considered to be among those referred to, in this Registry, as ‘Village Potters’, with the greatest respect. Village Potters, usually situated in non-urban settings, work close to home, exhibiting only occasionally, if at all. They could be considered to be practicing in the spirit of the Leach / Hamada /Mingei philosophy.
They are an important part of the story of BC ceramics and have contributed a great deal to how the public perceives, appreciates and uses local studio pottery. Some have taught in their communities and they contribute to keeping the role of functional pottery to be inclusive and valid. Some BC ‘Village Potters’ - Heinz Laffin and Gary Kozel, Herman Venema, Lari Robson, Gary Cherneff, Meg Buckley, Dave Dobie, the Nyestes, Gundra Stewart, Darrel Hancock and David Lloyd.
David has returned to teaching at the Place des Arts in Coquitlam.

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