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Kostyshin, Danny


Danny Kostyshin graduated from the VSA in 1976. He is activist maker involved with themes around the environment, HIV/AIDS, and the LGBT movement. Danny felt his Political Condom series in 1988 was important as safe sex practices were not yet the norm.
In 1984 Danny worked with American Raku Artist and author Hal Riegger, He taped a 3 day workshop at Aberthau in Vancouver, of Hal’s last Raku Workshop. The digitized unedited 3 day workshop has been donated to Hal Reigger's archives at Alfred University Archives.
In 1985 Danny spent 6 months in Berlin W Germany/and received some press from Keramic Magazin , the 1985 Summer edition.
Danny's Millennium Plate Project was a collborative project, in which Sally Michener, Gwen Curry, Michael Morris, Vincent Trasov, Attila Lukacs, Bryan Lynch, TrolleyBus (Bryan Mulvihill), Francesco Conz, Wayne Baerwaldt, all contributed images on the plates.
Danny has been represented in a number of exhibitions, and sold through the Gallery of BC Ceramics He has been working at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, wood and soda firing his tea bowls, or chawans, which have been receiving international recognition. Hiro Urakami has been a mentor for Danny since 1972, and helpful in the process of making tea bowls.

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Stettler, Alberta

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For full exhibition record, please see website;
1980 Retrospect Ceramics 80, PGBC - 25th Anniversary
1985 The PITT International Gallery, group exhibition, .
1996 Canada Art Council Art Bank exhibition of “CLAY OBJECTS”, Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa Ontario Canada.
2005 TransFormations PGBC 50th Anniversary
2015 The 18th Chawan Exposition, Middle Tennessee U, Nashville Tennessee.
2016 Chawan Miaoli, Taiwan
2017 International Tea Ware Show, Utrecht Holland
2017 China- Canada Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibit, Vancouver
2018 Ceramic Art Project, International Tea Ware Project, Antwerp, Belgium

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