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Brewer-White, Elaine


Elaine Brewer-White is known for her comedic and descriptive figurative tableaux, often based on a narrative or the human condition. She has deep connection with performance and communication, as she was involved in theatre sport from 1979-89 and is married to a Master clown who works for Cirque du Soleill.
Elain graduated from ECUAD in 1986 and went on to work in art centres, to teach, and in 1987 started “Culture Talks”, a business promoting art education in schools and community. Elaine is prolific, her work is versatile and heart felt. She has exhibited across North American, and her work can be found in a number of corporate collections and public installations. She also exhibited through the Gallery of BC Ceramics and is a member of Circle Craft Co-Op

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Langley, British Columbia

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Debra E. Sloan

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